Right Education Bright India

Is the next generation knowlegeable and skilled?

What is our part in helping them?

Is it not insulting for us to get rated at the 72nd position in Education among 74 nations in a survey?

Is it not a crime to curb the real interests of the next generation?

Is it not our duty and responsibility make the next generation knowledgeable and skilled?

Are we really producing best-in-class individuals?

If there is any growth that has to happen in this country, how can it happen by bypassing the very root of growth, which is education?

According to a survey by NASSCOM, approximately 75% of the educated people of this country are not employable. It should be shameful for us to call ourselves developing and moreover it is against our own integrity if we call ourselves, when we, as citizens know that we lack a basic quality that needs to be fulfilled for development, which is a strong education system. Good education makes a man undergo a transformation from being a barbarian to a civilized human.

Education is not just collecting information; it is a tool for improving the natural ability and creativity of a human being.

As Swami Vivekananda had told "Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man".

Today’s education has become more a business rather than a noble deed done for the nation. The word, education has been fully commercialized by some institutions and it is being exploited at a huge level. It has been made in such a way that private institutions are grocery shops, with their products as students and their parents as their customers. People who are deprived of jobs after their undergraduate programs choose lecturer jobs in private colleges. How can those who’ve not been able to get educated properly, make their next generation grow??A baby in the womb of a mother gets its food through the umbilical cord and education is no different than that. If the mother takes poison then the baby also gets the same. It is going to curb the growth of young people if they aren’t provided with good and quality education. It only reverts back to the society because they become the society of tomorrow. Once we realize our need for a quality education, methodical education, lively education and education for everyone, we need to voice our views to the government. If we don’t voice our views for the ones that need them, then our future might remain in dark forever.

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